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How to Install Cam Gears

1.) Take cams cover off and radiator container.

2.) It should look like this after you take the cover off.

3.) Now take the valve cover off (10 Bolts = 10MM)

4.) Now that you have the valve cover off, align the grove of the cams to insert the cams locking bar

5.) If you align them right the locking bar should just slide in with out forcing.

6.) Closer look at the grove on the cams.

7.) If do it rigth it should look like picture below.

8.) Now you are ready to loose the cams gears bolts, using torx bit = T55.

9.) Insert the first one, but the bolt on but not real tight.

10.) Now insert the second one, this could be tricky. One good thing to do put the belt on the second cams then slide the cam on the shaft. if you try to put the belt after the cam is in place is a little hard or might damage the belt.

11.) Tight both bolt @ torque specified in ford book.

12.) Now just remove the cams locking bar, put back the valve cover and you are done.


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