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How to wire your gauge light to factory dimmer

Step by Step

1. Take the cover of the botton of the steering wheel, it has 4 bolts size=8mm

This one on the left side

This one on the right side. Don't have to take out the one holding the black cover

2. Detach the hood cable using a 19mm open wrench or adjustable wrench.

3. Detach the ecu connector using a flat screwdriver.

4. Now remove the air vent, by using a flat screwdriver and pop it from the bottom first.

5. Now remove a bolt holding the molding using a 7mm socket

6. Now remove the molding

6. Now take off the light switch using phillips screwdriver (3 screws)

7. Now pass the wire from the top to bottom, (like picture below - I'm using a brown wire)

8. Now connect the possitive and negative wire to the back of the light switch.

orange / blue = Possitive (+) Left side
black wire     = Negative (-) Right side

9. Insert one wire at a time, don't do it the way i did it. I was brave enogh on not to short it out.
when inserting the wire make sure there is not any strip wire exposes.

There's is many ways to do this, choose any way you want, just make sure the orange/blue is connected to the possitive
and the black is connected to the negative.

10. Possitive is on the left (orange / blue = Possitive [+]) - Negagitive is on the right (black wire = [-] )

10. The way i did it was stripping the wire and making sure there's no strip wire out,
then zip tie to the whole hardness so it won't come out. You can use electrical tape is you want.

11. Now just put everyting back together. Three screws for the light switch

12. Now put back the cover for the light.

13. Now tight the one bolt that holds the light switch cover (Size=7mm).

14. Now put back the air vent.

15. Now connect back the ecu connector.

16. Now connect back the hood cable and tight it by hand.

13. Now tight the four bolts that holds the cover (Size=8mm).


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