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How to Install your S2000 Engine Start Button

Step by Step instructions made in a Ford Focus ZX3 2001

1. Take the cover of the botton of the steering wheel, it has 4 bolts size=8mm.

2. Detach the hood cable using a 19mm open wrench or adjustable wrench.

3. Now remove the ECU connector with a small flat screwdriver.

4. Now detach the top cover of the steering column. Just pull up so you can un-clip it from the bottom cover.

5. Remove 3 Starbit screws from the bottom cover.

6. Now remove 4 bolts = Size 7mm. I skip the part of removing your radio because i'm asuming you know how to remove it.

7. Now just pull the radio bezel, Don't pull too hard since you still have the A/C Switches attach that doesn't give you much room.

8. Now unplug your hazard switch.

9. Now remove the a/c switch by taking this screw out and just twist the switch and it will come off. (In some cases this a/c switch is not attached to the bezel, if that is your case just skip to step 12.)

10. Now do Step 9 again

11. Before unpluging this cable, write down if the orange/green cable is on your left side. There two more just unplug them too, so you can pull out the bezel and work with it better.

12. Pin Out Diagram of S2000 button.

13. If you don't have the s2000 plug made, please go to my page "How to make s2000 wiring cable"

14. On the top arrow make a groove so the floppy plug could insert better without having to force it.

15. Now with the radio bezel out you can do two things, either sand the cigarrete hole to make it bigger or just dremel down this edges (mark by the red arrow) at the s2000 button. either way you choose BE CAREFUL! not to make the hole too big or to dremel down the edges too much. I suggest before doing anything, just insert the s2000 plug and see what you need to sand down.

16. Now that you have the button in place, mount the relay.

17. I put the relay under the ashtray rail. You can mount it any where you want.

18. Now connects the T-taps on the follwing cables, But i won't do it so close to the key cylinder.

19. Connects the tap any where in this area.

20.This is just a closer look where i put the T-taps.

a.) Run Wire = (Green/Yellow) => 12 volts only when key is turn to on position.
b.) Starter Wire = (Gray/Black) => 12 volts to the starter, when fliping the key all the way.
c.) 12 Volts Constant = (Red) => 12 volts all the time.

21. Now here's a wiring diagram on how you are going to hook up the wires.
Wiring diagram provided by focusonfocus on Focaljet forum.

22. This part is Optional.

Were the arrow is pointing (see picture below) find the (Gray/Black) wire and cut it off. If you want to start the car with the key and the switch don't cut it, but if you do just go to k-mart and the car light bulb section you can find a wire terminal called: posi-lock need to put it back so you can start the car with the key

Now before trying to start the car with the key, go thru the whole wiring and make sure you have the correct wires connected on the relay. After you make sure you have everything connected right.


Now comes the best part, just flip the key to on then HIT THAT ENGINE START BUTTON.

24. Now my friend just put everyting back together.

And enjoy your S2000 Engine Start Button

Instructions by: PRTurboZX3


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