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How to make your S2000 button wiring connector

Step by Step

1. Here is a picture of tools you might need, at least what i use to make the plug.

2. Now Cut the floppy adapter and take a small flat screw driver.

3. Insert the flat screwdriver into the hole to put down on the pin and just pull the wire of the plug.

4. Now here is how the wire will look after cutting and removing from the floppy connector.

5. Grab your stripper wire cutter to strip the jacket off the connector.

6. This is how it looks after you remove the jacket off the wire.

7. Now cut a piece of wire from the spool (wire should be at least 18awg, but i use 16awg).

8. Strip off one of the end of the wire that you just cut from the spool.

9. Insert the connector in the strip wire.

10. After you inserted the connector to the strip wire, put a little of flux paste and now the cable is ready to be weld.

11. This is how it looks after is welded. Notice how smooth it looks, just don't use too much of the flux.

12. Now cut a little piece of shrink tubing and inserted until it covers the welded wire.
(Don't overlap the shrink tubing on to the connector, because then it will be hard to inserted in to the plastic plug.)

Now repeat this again with the other two wires left to do. Make sure you don't use the same color twice, and it don't have to be white for the output, it could be any other color.

13. Here is a picture of the wire pluged into the plastic connector.

14. Here the arrow points, i made a groove so when you plug it into the s2000 button it will fit better without having to force it in.

15. Here is the final product.

The white cable is the output, you don't have to use white wire, it could be any color you want,
as long all three wires are different colors.  The reason for the three different colors is for when installing it will be easy to see
the correct wire and not get confused. It's very easy to get confused when you have two wires with the same color.

Instructions by: PRTurboZX3


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